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Because sometimes we need a little encouragement

I got so fed up with repeating myself that I wrote it all down. After a treatment, my clients are so relaxed that they don't really take on board what to do at home to keep their skin looking 'just left the salon' gorgeous. So here it is. Almost everything I know about skin in a book form.

How to eat and treat your way to gorgeous, glowing skin, and a tauter waistline, while feeling fab, with the help of this little book. It even has a couple of Facial Exercises in it! 

The Skincredible Journey

SKU: 0006
  • As my clients were always too relaxed after having a treatment to listen to what I said, I wrote it all down.

    Here is all my skincare wisdom distilled into a liittle paperback. 

    Complete with Skincredible recipes and some bonus Facial Exercises for gorgeous Radiant Skin. 

  • If you don't want my words of wisdom, send this back within 28 days for a refund. I won't be offended, but I might weep a little. . .

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