Let's exit lockdown looking better than when we started!

Learn to move your facial muscles in a mindful way, which will strengthen and firm them. 

By "building up" your facial muscles, your skin will be better plumped up and supported, so your face and neck will look younger and feel smoother.

Jaw lines will be smoothed and lifted, with jowls gradually disappearing, because let's face it, they only look good on a Bloodhound, don't they?

During the Lockdown Facelift, you'll learn, and then practice, targeted facial exercises to smooth your skin, firm your facial contours and iron out any pesky wrinkles in daily live sessions. don't worry it doesnt' take hours and you can catch up later if you can't make the lives!

There'll also be some Zoom Sessions -  a Q&A to make sure you're clear on what you're doing,  a Radiant Skin Booster class, and a 50 Shades of Clay class is also included. For that, you'll need your box of goodies which will arrive in the post, as part of the programme.

The Lockdown Facelift 2021


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