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Do you wish you'd looked after your neck?

It's not too late to look less tortoise and more swan.

(Albeit without the feathers. Let's go for more of a Swan Lake-ballerina neck instead, shall we?)

If you'd like to minimise any lurking jowls, sculpt your chin and smooth your neck, this is your chance...

Say cheerio to necklace lines and emerging jowls, with some easy to learn exercises that'll firm your jawline as well as strengthening and smoothing out your neck.

But do they work? They do - if YOU do.

The Deluxe version

This is the deluxe version of the course, which includes a tube of the amazing Regenerating Neck Cream (RRP £54) so you can learn how best to apply your neck cream, while doing a specific exercise, so you'll get better results, as well as saving you time and money.

You'll get an extra video as well as the cream.


This is a great deal as the cream costs £54, making the course only £15.


Neck-cercise Mk II - Deluxe Version

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