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Mud, Mud Glorious Mud

As I type this, I sit with a face full of mud.

A face mask, actually, which is more clay than mud, but let us not split hairs, for mud, clay or whatever you choose to call it, is good for the skin.

You could, should you feel the urge, do the same. Mix up a faceful of clay and apply it to your fair face.  That's your pamper mission for this weekend.

I prefer to apply it usings a brush, because I don't like it under my fingernails, but you might not mind. I dunno, do I?

You could, if you wish, listen to this - a paean of praise to Glorious Mud

Clay is deeply and gently cleansing and is what people used to use for that purpose aeons ago, when they didn't have running water. 

How they got it off is not related. Possibly a Mr Darcy-esque leap into the nearest lake,sans britches. Lucky us, with muslins and taps eh?

PS The pamper line is 07961224560, if you fancy some...

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